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Stargame Role-playing Game was an online gaming system that existed for over a decade and drew players from around the world. We jointly created narratives where our characters interacted with others within Star Trek-based worlds. The gamemasters established the storylines and controlled the ramifications of our characters actions. Some games were very character-driven, some were more action driven. Some were intimate groups with fast-paced stories, and others had twenty or more players with storylines that could take a year or more to play out.

Most players never met except through BITNET and then the (thankfully) more stable Internet, but others of us managed to develop real-life friendships--some of which continue today.

Stargame had been closed for several years, leaving many of us with very fond memories. Yet, we sometimes wonder about folks we "met" playing Stargame. And some of us occasionally talk about trying to resurrect some of the old games.

This led to the restart of the Spacedock game in early 2013 with many of the players and both co-gamemasters returning to play. After a valiant effort, that game also ceased. Real life reared its head, and the players moved onward.

To learn a bit about the old Stargame, take a look at the Stargame Help File. More information about Stargame has also been posted on Fanlore.

Stargame Archive

The Stargame Council Archivist Randye Jones kept many of the posts created by players on the games on which she played. She has begun converting these old ASCII files to .pdf's and will make them available as the project progresses. The files will also contain out-of-character (OOC) messages she received or sent. Unfortunately, OOC posts not sent to her or posted on the lists themselves are not included.

These are the games currently available in the archive:

Other games will be added as time and content availability permits.

Because of the nature of these posts, access will be password-protected and limited to former gamemasters and players of the specific game. To get access, please complete the form on the Archives page. You will be contacted soon thereafter.

BTW, we can not grant permission to reuse any of the contents of these archives. You should start by contacting the gamemaster for the specific game with requests like this.

Stargame Webpages

Gamemasters were encouraged to create Websites for their games. Of those who did, only those for USS Kitty Hawk and USS Xerxes are currently available. Others will be added if they become available.

A Stargame Library was also created to help provide resources to gamemasters and players seeking information for a wide range of gaming inquiries. Many of these old text files have been preserved and are available, and others will be added as they are located.

Interested in more information, please contact


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